Hasan YARIMDÜNYA – clarinet
Tamer GIRNATACI – clarinet
Taner GIRNATACI – clarinet
Ismail SIRA – kanoun
Ozan ALTINISIK – darbouka

Three generations of clarinet masters – the father, the son and the grandson – interpret wedding and fiesta music with a deep complicity, in a repertoire mixing popular and erudite (ustalikli) styles. These three clarinettists are wonderful improvisers. Hasan Yarimdunya, the father, has played for Tony Gatlif film’s “Latcho Drom”.

« La Nuit des Maîtres», Paris City Theatre and Amiens National Scene
« La Nuit de l’Orient Proche Festival », Fontenay-sous-Bois
La Courneuve City Festival