Kumpanya Istanbul
Gipsy Fanfare – Celebrations and feasts music
Ahmet Özden – zurna
Savas Zurnaci – clarinet
Bülent Ustaoglu – saxophone
Faruk Giley – davul, darbuka (drums)
Rüstem Çembeli – davul, darbuka (drums)
Formed in 2001, Kumpanya Istanbul brings together six gipsy musicians from Thrace and is led by the well-known zurna player Ahmet Özden. His zurna (a double-reed oboe), coupled with the davul bass drum, interprets the warm and intense music played during street celebrations and festivities in Anatolia. The band performs dance tunes from various parts of Turkey and Thrace in an improvisatory style.
Kumpanya Istanbul is the first band in which zurna acquires a leading position. The union of the two zurnas, the dynamic and incisive mix of percussion between the davul and darbuka, and the remarkable rhythmic and melodic force of the clarinet and saxophone transport the audience to an amazing journey.
« Scène d’Hiver. Turkish Delight 2 », Parc de la Villette, Paris
Ile-de-France « Nuit Tsiganes » Festival, Cirque d’Hiver, Paris
Paris City Theatre
« Sziget Festival », Budapest
Half Note, Athens
« Festival Cap Sud  », Belgium
« Strictly Mundial », Marseille
«  Festival de Romans  », France
« International Festival of Bombard », Cleguerc – France
« Festival Tranches d’Europe Express », Rouen – France
Chapelle Sainte Catherine, Aix en Provence – France
« Kumpanya Istanbul, Gipsy Fanfare of Thrace », BUDA label