Mehmet Evren Hacıoğlu’s professional career started with the studies of Bağlama in Yıldız Technical University, Art and Design Faculty, Department of Music and Stage Arts, Music Ensemble Programme. He worked there with one of the most important and well known artists in Turkey, Erol Parlak, between 2001 and 2006.  He also worked with other well regarded artists such as Mehmet Erenler , Okan Murat Öztürk, Ferhad Shidfar and Zeki Atagür.
He was especially inspired by Anatolian bağlama performers such as Nida Tüfekçi, Talip Özkan and Neşet Ertaş. Between 2003 and 2005 he was an assistant performer in the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Folk Music Ensemble under the direction of Adnan Ataman.
He received his bachelor degree in 2006 in Yıldız Technical University. In 2007, he became a bağlama performer in the Ensemble of Music and Sema under the direction of Serhat Sarpel and Hakan Talu and performed in Egypt, England, Hong Kong and USA.
Between 2007 and 2009 he studied the master’s degree programme at the Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Social Scenes, Department of Turkish Folk Music. The subject of his master thesis was about the analyse of the unmetered folk songs in Barak style of Türkmen (a folk group) cultures in the city of Gaziantep. In 2012, he published his first solo album ‘Dâmen/Gönül Sevdiğinden Usandı’.
He performs as solo artist as well as with bağlama duos and trios in various concerts and television programmes. Recently he performed with one of the pioneers of todays Anatolian
Folk Music Artists, Okan Murat Öztürk. He is a bağlama performer in the Turkish Folk Music Ensemble of the Minister of Culture and Tourism and carries on his solo concert performances, as well as his research in the area of traditional performing techniques and styles.