Rampapa established three years ago in Datça, a small Egean town in Turkey, by five talented musicians from different backgrounds. Musicians are performing Balkan, Gypsy and Turkish songs .

Besides very wide range of Balkan songs with  many languages in rhythmical and entertaining repertoire of the Group, there are also re-interpreted traditional Turkish songs  fascinate the audience.

Feride Yıldırım ( Mandolin, Irish Flutes, Melodica, Vocal )

After learning to play various instruments in a group that has been playing world music for many years, she has focused on Irish Folk Music and has been working on it.  Later, she met Balkan music and made a repertoire of Turkish, Balkan and Irish music songs which was the  first idea of Rampapa style.

Umut Soysal ( Bas Guitar )

The youngest member of the group, Umut, started playing bass guitar in his high school years and accompanied many music groups in various bars and hotel programs. He started to accompany Rampapa at the time of his search for a different style of music.

İlker Görgülü ( Violin )

His music journey started at İzmir Anadolu Fine Arts High School Violin Department. After continuing at Marmara University Music Teaching Department, he entered Bilgi University Music Department and graduated from Jazz / Performance Department of the same university. He has accompanied various orchestral ensembles, has worked as a chief violanist and has written theater and film music.  

Onur Hacet (Guitar, Harmonica, Cajon, Back Vocal )

He started his music life with a harmonica he found on a train journey. Multi-instrumentalist Onur performs instruments such as guitar, harmonica, cajon, flute, clarinet, trumpet without training and even shares his rare ability by playing more than one instrument at the same time. He is the founder member of the group together with Feride.

Cemal Aram ( Darbouka, Cajon )

Cemal has been performing Turkish percussion instruments for about 23 years. After visiting Europe for five years with the Chakaraka group he founded in France where he spent half of his life, he joined the Rampapa family in Datca after he returned to his homeland and accompanied many other music groups